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  • Facebook  -  Blogs - Pinterest

    Social Media Networks are Great Tools for
    Interacting with your customers,
    Adding New Content to your website
    and Making your Company Shine!

    Facebook  -  Blogs - Pinterest

How to use your Blog

  • Write about new product lines.
  • Explain How To Use Products.
  • Suggest Ways to Solve Common Problems.
  • Write about Local Current Events.

How to use a Facebook Page

  • Shorter than a blog, you only need to write a line or two.
    It doesn't even have to relate to your business, just something
    interesting that others may enjoy.
  • Suggest people your know to Like your Page
  • Interact or Like other businesses
  • Post your blog when you have new content

What is Pinterest

  • Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard where you organize and share
    things you find interesting on the web.
  • People browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from other peoples interests.
  • To join you must request an invite.
  • Check it Out

E Mail Accounts

How to use your email list
Newsletters -  Drawings - Coupons

Include a Subscribe Option on your site to keep your customers
up to date on new products and sales

  • Multiple E Mail Accounts
  • Spam Assassin
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Auto Responder

Traffic Analysis

Use Traffic Analysis Reports to fine tune your website

  • Discover What Search Words Bring Customers to Your Site.
  • What Pages They Entered On and How Many They Viewed.
  • Determine Where Your Customers Are Coming From.
  • Reports Give Incite For Content Changes.
  • Customize Your Site to Meet Your Customers' Needs.
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