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  • You have 3 Seconds to Capture Your Viewers Attention
  • We'll Develop a Site to Capture Them.
  • Flash is Fun, but it can Overpower Your Site.
  • And - Too Much Flash Hurts Your Search ability.
  • Concise Content and Navigation ARE PARAMOUNT.
  • We'll Streamline Your Content Without Information Overload.
  • We Focus on Your Customer's Experience.
  • Give Your Customers What They Are Looking For
  • And Give Them a Reason To Return

Our Website Development Process

  1. Analyze Your Goals
  2. Research Your Business
  3. Develop Site Design Prototypes
  4. Review Prototypes with Client
  5. Finalize Your Design
  6. Test on Multiple Browsers
  7. GO LIVE - Transfer Site to Our Server
  8. Search Engine Optimization
  9. Manage Site Updates
  10. Develop a Marketing Strategy
  11. Review Site Traffic Reports
  12. Keep up with the Latest Technology
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